California Utilities' Loss Is Your Gain

Every four minutes in the United States there is a solar energy project being installed, and as always California is a little ahead of the game in the alternative way of doing things. California leads the nation with over 200,000 solar projects.

These solar projects are happening on rooftops in neighborhoods all around California, and residents are not only saving the environment, but also some money.

Although this makes homeowners happy, electric companies are not so thrilled. These companies are seeing less and less money come in as Californians install more solar panels on their roofs.

Electric companies are losing money to these “disruptive challenges,” but the Golden State will not stop using its greatest resource- the sun. The Institute for Energy Research estimated that, “California’s three major utility companies could have to make up almost $1.4 billion a year in lost revenue from solar customers.”

That is money that is going back into your pocket rather than being paid on your electric bill.

Although the electric utilities companies are footing some of the bill, California saw a 4% increase in the installations of photovoltaics.

Lucky for you we can help you join this solar movement and the others in California that are putting money back in their pockets.

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