Corporation Commission Election Important For Arizona Solar

This month will mark the primary elections for the Republican nominations for the two open spots on the Arizona Corporation Commission. One of the most controversial issues that the ACC has been facing has been the taxation of leased solar panels in Arizona. Arizonians who lease their solar panels are currently being charged a monthly fee instituted by the Department of Revenue to pay for the power in those panels. With the addition of this fee that savings in using solar energy are decreasing.

The video above is a debate that occurred in June between the four Republican candidates vying for the nomination for the seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, and at around 18:35, they debate the current tax.

Vernon Parker and his partner, Lucy Mason both disagree with the tax and Parker makes it clear that this tax needs to be decided on by the Legislature, and not by the Department of Revenue.

Parker commented that he’s, “a huge supporter of renewables, but I also support the fact that the market should dictate their success or failure,”

On the other side, Doug Little and his campaign partner Tom Forese believe that the issue is more about timing, and not the tax itself.

Little said, “I don’t like any new taxes at all, but recognize that businesses pay these kinds of taxes on property that they own and lease.”

However, for now the tax still stands, and Arizonians are looking at paying extra for their leased solar panels. However this could all change in November when the vote for the final two spots on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s board is decided.

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