Solar Energy Could Take Over By 2050

By 2050 solar energy could be the world’s largest source of electricity. The International Energy Agency (IEA) released reports showing that solar photovoltaic systems could generate around 16% of the world’s energy, and solar thermal electricity from concentrating solar power could generate 11%.

The report also talks about how much these two powers could cut carbon dioxide – up to 6 billion tonnes. It also cites massive cost decreases as the reason for the increase.

“The rapid cost decrease of photovoltaic modules and systems in the last few years has opened new perspectives for using solar energy as a major source of electricity in the coming years and decades,” said IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven.

The graph above helps explain what the IEA is predicting. It shows the solar photovoltaic in blue, and the solar thermal energy in grey. The lines show their predicted generation in TWh (terawatt-hours) in 2050 by each of the major areas of the world. As it shows China is leading in this solar generation, but if we follow what the International Energy Agency predicts, we will be the second leading in solar.

Solar is quickly taking over, and even if these reports aren’t completely accurate in terms of what will happen over the next few decades it shows that solar is gaining speed in becoming one of the leading energy producers. Call us today at (623) 500-6880 or contact us online so that we can give you more information on incorporating solar into your life and into your home!

STE vs. PV Generation in 2050
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