California Leads Rooftop Solar

California is one of the largest and most populated states in the U.S. It is also the #1 state when it comes to solar energy capacity. Did you know that 1,045 megawatts of solar power capacity were installed in California in 2012? Did you know that over 3,761 megawatts of solar power capacity are currently installed across California? That is a large quantity of megawatts available.

Each year California increases its solar energy capacity. In fact, California set two new solar records in the past month. On March 7th, there was a record-breaking 3.9 gigawatts of electricity. Then on March 8th it went up to 4.1 gigawatts. That is enough to power several million homes.

The Golden State uses the California Independent System operator to measure megawatts being used. On March 16th, the solar peak reached 4,413 megawatts, a record-breaking number. California sets records so frequently that it has had to change the grid operators system of record announcements. Instead of announcing them at 50 megawatt increments they will wait for 500 megawatt increases.

With so many records being set, and so much electricity available through renewable sources, why are you missing out? This is the future. It’s beneficial to the environment and solar companies provide many jobs. Solar panels are an entry ticket into renewable energy. We can help you join this booming industry with a satisfactory experience guaranteed.

Don’t get left behind. To be part of solar electricity’s future, call us today.