Consider Your Family's Energy Independence

“Energy independence” has an appeal on a global, national regional and very personal appeal. For your family, energy independence may mean predictable utility bills during challenging seasons such as 100 plus degree summers in the Southwest. Energy independence could also mean that your lights are on when their neighborhood experiences a blackout or a “brown out” power shortage. Cities, towns and here, a California county, are considering solar panel installations to achieve energy independence.

Yolo County, west of Sacramento, pays no electric bills for its county works. Instead of paying $1.4 million a year for electricity, Yolo County, through solar panel installations, covers 152% of its electric needs each year. The county owns their solar energy generating systems as well as their renewable energy credits. Yolo County sells energy back to Pacific Gas & Electric with estimates that this deal—10 cents/kilowatt hour—could earn the county $60 million dollars over the next three decades.

National companies—Intel, Walmart, Apple—see the bottom-line advantage of covering their energy costs as well as earning revenue by sell excess energy back to the grid through net-metering agreements with utilities. These companies are partners in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership program. The Green Power Partnership promotes green power—such as solar—in order address climate change concerns and promote the generation, purchase and use of renewable, green energy.

You and your family can join this movement toward fiscal responsibility and environmental protection endorsed by Fortune 500 companies by installing photovoltaic solar panels on your home. Call us for a consultation on your energy-cost savings.