Solar Investment Tax Credit Renewed For Business Solar Installations

Solar Investment

The federal Solar Investment Tax Credit has been renewed for residential and business solar energy installations. Originally scheduled to expire in 2007, renewed to 2008, this tax credit had now been extended to 2016 by the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

Begun in 2006, the Solar Investment tax Credit allows businesses a tax credit of 30% “of the ‘basis’ of eligible property that a company places in service during the period 2006 through 2016.” According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the tax credit applies to the cost of the equipment, and in some circumstances, the cost ofpermitting, engineering and interest during construction. The basis can also be calculated on the fair market value of the business solar installation project where a business does not have sufficient tax liability to use the Solar Investment Tax Credit in the year the project is installed.

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