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Society has advanced incredibly and rapidly. We have come a long way from carriages and outhouses. However, at times it seems that Planet Earth has reaped nothing but the consequences.

Fossil fuels are converted into the power we use daily. When these are burned, negative emission is released into the air that is detrimental to not only our planet, but to people as well. Carbon monoxide is also produced during the conversion of fossil fuels. This is a hazardous gas that, as we all know, has affected the atmosphere.

We have also come to realize that fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas and petroleum are irrecoverable and we do not have an endless supply. Not only are the fossil fuels we have come to depend on diminishing, but the manual labor it takes to find and obtain them is extreme.

There are many negative side effects that come from producing the power we use on a daily basis. Fortunately, environmentally friendly methods have been developed. Solar power provides us sufficient power for our daily needs. Solar energy is clean; there is no hazardous residue released into the air.

Energy that is produced through sunlight is unlimited. With more solar energy systems used, there will be less and less need for fossil fuels. Changing direction towards environmentally friendly methods of producing power will give Planet Earth an opportunity to bask in the positive light of society’s many advancements.

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