California: Big Project Vs. Small Roof Panels

Companies NRG Energy Inc., Google Inc. and BrightSource Energy Inc. are owners of a big solar project in the Californian desert: Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Station. The project is a solar farm spanning over five square miles and consisting of three extremely tall towers. There are about 350,000 mirrors, each the size of a garage door, reflecting sunlight onto boilers located at the top of the towers. Heating the boilers produces steam which is used to fuel power generators. Owners believe that this project will light about 140,000 homes per year.

Ivanpah, project is worth about $2.2 billion, demonstrates how important solar energy is. The frontier for solar energy is ever expanding, especially in California. Just last year, California produced about 20% of what the United States is expected to produce this year.

How can you be part of this growing industry? Big projects owned by companies like Google seem far-fetched for regular folk. Solar roof panels are becoming more and more common as costs decrease. Installation of solar panels in your home could help California have even greater success this year. So, call us right away to make the switch to solar energy.