Storing Solar Energy: Solana Project

Solar energy has advanced and improved throughout the years. It has benefited the planet and humanity in many ways. Unfortunately, a specific drawback is that when the sun goes down, the energy gathered by solar panels is significantly less. However, solar energy keeps improving.

In Arizona, a new solar project called Solana has been closely watched. This project consists of mirror panels the size of garage doors laid out in a three-square-mile, bulldozed area. The mirrors focus the sun’s energy onto black-painted pipes that carry the heat to enormous tanks of molten salt.

The plant has the ability to draw heat back out of the salt and continue to produce energy. This is revolutionary in overcoming one of the biggest drawbacks of solar energy. It provides even more security toward solar energy. It means that we are now able to rely on solar power even when the sun is set or hidden behind clouds, without being detrimental to the environment.

There is still more research and improvements to be done. For example, although storing heat instead of electricity is significantly cheaper, added costs come into play because of the mechanical inefficiencies.

Solar power is beneficial for everyone as it is becoming more accessible. It only continues developing and bettering.

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