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Expert Solar Panel Installation in Phoenix

Dramatically Reduce Your Energy Bills With Phoenix Solar Panel Installation

At Argent Solar, we understand that the solar installation process may seem confusing. Whether you have already decided to invest in a solar panel system or you are still doing research, we are here to help. There are numerous factors which go into the installation of a solar panel system. Typically, a solar system takes around 12 weeks to install from the time you sign the initial contract, depending on the components and size of the system you have chosen. We also provide expert commercial solar!

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5 Monetary Benefits of Phoenix Solar Installation

1. Add value to your home - Homes that are considered eco-friendly are becoming increasingly attractive to young home buyers. The US Department of Energy found that solar panels add on average $17,000 to a home's value.

2. Take advantage of state and federal tax credits - As of 2020, the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit lets homeowners deduct 26% of the cost of solar panel installation from their federal taxes. In 2021, that credit will be 22% and there is nothing on the books beyond 2021. Consult our Phoenix solar panel installation experts to take advantage of this tax credit before it goes away.

3. Save on utilities - How much you can save depends on how much electricity you consume and the amount of solar panels you install. There are various estimates as to how much a homeowner can save, but most come out to about $1000 per year and $20,000 over the course of a solar panel's life.

4. Store power for later - If you use solar panels in conjunction with a home battery, you can save on pricey generators while powering your home through any blackout.

5. Makes budgeting easy for the next 20 years - Electricity companies are notorious for price hike after price hike. Solar panels make budgeting for electricity a piece of cake. The more you can budget, the more you can prepare for your future so consult our solar panel installation experts.

What Is the Solar Panel Installation Process?

We know that deciding to invest in solar power is exciting. You can't wait to turn on your new system and start saving money. Our goal is to get your system fully inspected and running as quickly as possible. Our experienced commercial & residential Phoenix solar installation experts are trained to expertly handle every step of the installation process, making sure we respect your home throughout the process.

Our installation process typically goes as follows:

  • We assess your home or business and consult with you to decide what type of system you want and where it will be installed
  • Once you have signed a contract, we send the designs to our engineering team
  • We begin compiling and submitting all your rebates and permitting paperwork
  • Once the materials arrive, we schedule a date to begin installation
  • We then contact the local governing entity for the final inspection
  • The final step includes submitting the paperwork to your utility provider

4 Things To Look For In A Solar Panel Installation Company

1. Photo gallery - If you're well aware of the monetary benefits of consulting our Phoenix solar panel installation experts, then you might be interested in seeing how they may look on your property. See our photo gallery here to envision what your solar panels could look like.

2. Blog - We've carefully designed our blog in order to keep you up to date in all of the industry's stories and trends. You can read through our blog here and check back often because we update it regularly.

3. Reviews - Having provided solar panel installation for as long as we have, we've accumulated a ton of rave reviews that you can read through at your leisure here.

4. FAQ - If you have any further questions that you can't find answers to on our website or blog, feel free to check our FAQ page to see if somebody else has been asking the same question. Click here to go to our FAQ page.

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Solar is an ideal option for many homes and businesses because of its customization abilities. If you live in the Phoenix area, there are many incentives which may be available to you. Many customers benefit from state and federal incentives, as well as various rebates. Our goal at Argent Solar is to make the solar panel installation process as easy as possible for you. Let us worry about the paperwork and the set-up while you relax, knowing your utility bills will soon be reduced or eliminated.

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