Sustainable Energy: Priority For The Pentagon And Your Family

Arizona State University’s Global Institute for Sustaiability recently hosted Energy and National Security, a panel discussion with Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona District 9; Brig. Gen. John Adams, Army, USA, retired, Deputy U.S. Military Representative, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); Lt. Col. Joe Knott, Army National Guard, retired, ASU School of Sustainability Doctoral Candidate; and moderated by Capt. Brett Hunt, Army, USA, retired Member, Operation Free, The Truman National Security Project.

While some may classify solar power as a “tree-huger” ideal, the Pentagon on down the chain of command, takes secure, sustainable, green energy very seriously. Lt. Col. Joe Knott describes the evolution of the the United States Armed Forces current stance behind solar and other alternative energy sources:

Far from a technology that “is weak and has not been effective,” solar energy’s potential in Arizona remarkable. It could grow to cover enough electricity for half of Arizona’s needs. Luke and Davis-Monthan Air Force bases generate 30 megawatts of Arizona’s solar capacity already. If solar is good enough for the United States Armed Forces, a custom solar installation by ArgentSolar will certainly provide you, your family and business with a renewable, affordable source of energy for years to come.