It's Time For Solar Energy Bike Lanes

The newest thing in solar is here, and it’s happening in the Netherlands. A new Dutch project is working to integrate solar panels into the bike commuter path on a roadway outside of Amsterdam. This roadway is the first of its kind on a public road, and it’s just another step in the power of solar energy.

Bike Lane Solar to Power Electric Cars

This week will be the official opening of the first section of the roadway, which is around 230 feet long. This roadway is going to act as a test for a type of solar power that electric cars can use to power themselves as they drive. Some researchers are even saying that this new section generates enough power to provide electricity for up to three houses a year.

The company who created this project says, “It has to be translucent for sunlight and repel dirt as much as possible, [yet] at the same time, the top layer must be skid resistant and strong enough in order to realize a safe road surface.”

The company creating the roadway is a working collaboration between a research group and the government of the province of North Holland. So far, nothing like this yet has been created in the United States, however this project shows how far solar energy is coming.

Innovative Solar Solutions

While the panels are not yet perfected they act as another stepping-stone in building new solar energy powers, and making our world a greener place. Solar energy is continuing to grow, and more projects like this one are being created to continue its growth, so don’t be left out.

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