Why Solar

Going solar in Arizona and California is the only way to tap the most of the plentiful solar energy available in these states throughout the year. Whether you stay in Indio, California or Phoenix, Arizona or anywhere nearby, you can always get our solar systems installed at your residential or commercial property. In Arizona, you can even send the energy generated in excess back to the utility grid and get the corresponding price for the same.

Why Go Solar Using Argent Solar Services

  • Our solar installation at your property in AZ, CA will enable you to save on your electricity bills.
  • Our environment friendly solar installations add significant value to your property but do not add any rise in your property taxes.
  • You can obtain exciting state & federal incentives on the solar installation at your property to effectively save around 80% of the total cost of your Argent Solar system.
  • Argent Solar panels come backed with 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Approach to Solar Installation in AZ, CA

We configure solar cells into arrays & modules, which provides the needed electrical power. We design PV systems to convert this energy into alternating current that is totally compatible with your household appliances, computers etc. Further, we are also capable of constructing your system in a way so that operates in parallel with, and integrated to your local utility.



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