Argent Solar’s 20-Year Lease Program Provides Affordable Residential Solar Energy Systems

With Argent Solar you can buy or lease your residential solar system. Our lease option allows for you to finance your system over the long-term. Argent Solar’s 20-year lease option provides a whole-house solar energy system with pre-payment and monthly payment programs. You can also choose Argent Solar’s zero down option to optimize your budget and start saving on electrical costs with your own stable, independent and sustainable custom home energy system right away.

Argent designs, permits and installs you system with the same attention to detail with both our purchase or lease options. Both options use the same equipment as well as the same pricing for that equipment.

Argent Solar’s Lease Options Include:

  • 20-year, long-term lease
  • Full system maintenance for 20 years
  • Energy production warranty for 20 years
  • Maintenance of manufacturer’s 25-year panel warranty

At the End of Argent Solar’s 20-Year Lease, You Can:

  • Have panels removed at no charge
  • Buyout remaining value of system for a nominal fee
  • Extend lease based on remaining value of the system



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