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Choose Argent Solar for You Family’s Energy Needs

According to the Solar Energies Industries Association,  since 2010, the average price of a solar panel has declined by 64%. In addition: •  Year-over-year, the national average PV installed system price declined by 9% to $2.73/watt in Q2 2014. •  The average … Read full story


The Arizona Election Results Are In ….

Supporters of solar will need to speak louder and stand even stronger to keep solar energy a priority in Arizona. It’s going to be a tough battle. Republicans Tom Forese and Doug Little won the race for two seats on … Read full story


It’s Time for Solar Energy Bike Lanes

The newest thing in solar is here, and it’s happening in the Netherlands. A new Dutch project is working to integrate solar panels into the bike commuter path on a roadway outside of Amsterdam. This roadway is the first of … Read full story


It’s Almost Election Day, Who Are You Voting For?

In the midst of the solar tax debate, Arizona is voting for a new governor and two new Corporation Commissioners.  Earlier this year, Gov. Jan Brewer did not respond to protests of the solar tax when the Arizona Department of … Read full story


California Streamlines Rooftop Solar Permitting

On September 4, 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Solar Permitting Efficiency Act (AB 2188) into law. The sponsor of the new law, Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), said it “will create more solar jobs, contribute to California’s clean energy … Read full story


Solar Energy Could Take over by 2050

By 2050 solar energy could be the world’s largest source of electricity. The International Energy Agency (IEA) released reports showing that solar photovoltaic systems could generate around 16% of the world’s energy, and solar thermal electricity from concentrating solar power … Read full story


West-facing Solar Panels Mean More Money in Your Pockets

California is offering a new incentive for people who want to switch to a greener source of energy – solar power. But this time the California Energy Commission instituted new guidelines at the beginning of this month for those who … Read full story


Vote for Solar Arizona!

November elections are around the corner and standing for solar energy has never been more important. As solar energy supporters continue to debate the proposed solar tax decision by the Arizona Corporation Commission, two seats in the ACC are open … Read full story


Vote Solar: Help ‘Project Permit’

Vote Solar: Help ‘Project Permit’ On August 8, 2014, California broke a world-wide record for the most energy generated by solar power in history: 2,505 megawatts. Let’s help set a new record with the aid of rooftop solar by streamlining … Read full story


APS Plans to Put 3,000 Solar Panels on Rooftops

Arizona Public Service (APS) says it supports Arizona’s use of solar energy. Great. That’s what the headline, published across news articles, sounds like at first. Instead of a 20-megawatt power plant in west Phoenix, APS wants to use $57 million … Read full story




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