California Beats 30 Years of Solar Progress in a Single Year

The Golden State proved that it deserves its moniker, as recent news confirms that California is leading the way for clean energy progress in America.

In 2013, “California more than doubled its entire rooftop solar installations from 1,000 megawatts (MW) to over 2,000 MW,” states the California Solar Energy Industries Association. “To put this in perspective, it took California over thirty years to build 1,000 MW of rooftop solar, hitting that landmark in early 2013. Today, California is closing out the year with more than 2,000 MW of rooftop solar systems installed statewide.”

In other words, California expanded its rooftop solar capacity more in 12 months than the previous 30 years combined. This surge in solar installations means that the state’s total solar energy infrastructure has “nearly twice as much installed capacity as exists at California’s last remaining nuclear power plant, Diablo Canyon.”

2014 is a critical year for rooftop solar as issues like net metering, tax credits and other incentives continue to be debated around the country. We hope that California’s record-breaking feat will inspire Arizonans to consider clean, renewable solar power for their energy needs. If you are interested in learning more about rooftop solar, please feel free to call us at 877-786-2407—we are the leading provider of solar systems in Phoenix!



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