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Music and Solar Panels

The discovery, use and improvements of solar energy have revolutionized our everyday lives. This form of energy is reusable and infinite. As long as the sun is shining, there is energy to be produced. Furthermore, the possibilities of improvements and … Read full story

Lease with Argent Solar

The Power Committee of Salt River Project recently expressed concern over the utility cost-savings printed by one of our competitors in their recent mailer. SRP’s director of customer programs, Lori Singleton, estimates that eighty percent of their solar customers (more … Read full story

California Beats 30 Years of Solar Progress in a Single Year

The Golden State proved that it deserves its moniker, as recent news confirms that California is leading the way for clean energy progress in America. In 2013, “California more than doubled its entire rooftop solar installations from 1,000 megawatts (MW) … Read full story

The Smart Grid Includes You

What is the Smart Grid? Our system of supplying households and businesses with electricity is over a century old. Our electric grid requires an upgrade. That upgrade is the Smart Grid. With consumer expectations changing, environmental concerns and expected residential … Read full story

Storing Solar Energy: Solana Project

Solar energy has advanced and improved throughout the years. It has benefited the planet and humanity in many ways. Unfortunately, a specific drawback is that when the sun goes down, the energy gathered by solar panels is significantly less. However, … Read full story

Top of the World: America Slated First in Solar Power

According to a recently released solar market overview from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association, America is on target to become the top-ranked world leader in domestic solar panel installations by the end of this year. The report … Read full story

New Solar Technology on the Horizon

Solar cell technology has advanced significantly, but most recently engineers from Illinois have created a new form of high-performance photocatalysis. Photocatalysis is the acceleration of a chemical reaction by light. They use a combination of titanium dioxide and other metal … Read full story

Victory for Residential Solar in Arizona

Arizona Public Service (APS) Company, an Arizona utility monopoly, had asked the the Arizona Corporations Commission (ACC) board to add substantial fees to residential solar customers monthly bills. Last week, thanks to thousands of Arizona residential rooftop solar supporters, their … Read full story

Residential Solar Powered by Middle-Class Homeowners

Recently released new studies show that residential solar has gained strong traction among middle-class households in Arizona, and its use is still growing. In fact, middle-class homeowners have been driving residential solar energy’s popularity across the nation, contradicting assumptions that … Read full story

Save the Planet: Call Us Today

Society has advanced incredibly and rapidly. We have come a long way from carriages and outhouses. However, at times it seems that Planet Earth has reaped nothing but the consequences. Fossil fuels are converted into the power we use daily. … Read full story